The 8 best foods to order on a first date.

What do you usually eat on dates?

Dates on their first are tense. You already have plenty to worry about, from choosing what to dress to making sure you don’t have a huge zit that wants to join in the fun (been there). Making a mess of supper or having food that makes you feel uncomfortably uncomfortable are the last things you want to worry about.

Here are some first date foods that will help you stay clean, fresh, and comfy, though we wouldn’t stop you from ordering that messy cheeseburger.


a traditional with a modern touch.

It feels inappropriate to order pasta on a first date. But it’s likely that you’ll end up somewhere that serves spaghetti. Small pasta shapes like ziti, penne, and farfalle are excellent options because you can stab them with your fork and the good grip will prevent your clothing from getting stained.

If you insist on ordering long noodles, avoid red sauces and ask for a cream or oil-based sauce just in case you spill. Just remember to have a mint after dinner if you ordered a meal with a lot of garlic.

Crab sushi sushi

Display your elitist side.

Sushi is hygienic, appealing, and simple to eat. Sushi is an excellent first date option if you can use chopsticks. If you move carefully and use only a small amount of soy sauce, spills won’t be a big concern.

Ginger is excellent for digestion and helps settle your stomach if you experience the butterflies before a first date. It is frequently found in sushi meals and on the side.

Sushi has a wide range of alternatives, so you can still choose a roll that suits you even if your date is a vegetarian or the idea of eating raw fish makes you queasy.

Chicken on the barbecue

Original white meat

Chicken is the best choice because fish and red meats can make you feel bloated and stenchy. On the menu of almost every restaurant is a chicken meal. Just be careful with the sauce if you get it or request it on the side to prevent accidents.

Even the best first date meal was voted to be fried chicken. Which is absurd to me considering how I typically demolish a plate of fried chicken while looking like a crazy dog, but hey, to each their own!


Love one another.

On a first date, going out to dinner requires a significant time commitment and can seem quite formal. Tapas can be a wonderful compromise because you’re still dining with your date but have the flexibility to finish the date early or keep it going as long as you like. It’s a terrific method to determine whether your date is the sharing variety.

Use a knife and fork to delve into the messier alternatives and stay away from anything too hot if you know you’re sensitive to it. I shall die proclaiming arepas to be the greatest date food ever, but I trust you to make your own decision.

Foods made of rice, such as risotto

Risotto with Mushrooms

Ensure simplicity.

I can’t help you if you botch up the risotto on your first date. In essence, it adheres to your fork or spoon, and chances are that even if you drop it, it won’t leave much of a stain. There are many different variations, so there’s a good possibility an American or Italian restaurant will serve this meal.

You’re pretty secure with this choice because every country has a unique rice dish. Rice is a healthy food that doesn’t make a mess, is easy to digest, and offers you energy so you can go out with friends and tell them about your date afterward.


All the tastes of Mexican cuisine in a more hygienic container.

It can be difficult to go out and get typical Mexican food. I know I’m not the only one who tried to eat a burrito while wearing lipstick and ended up looking like the Joker. I would not advise it.

But do not worry; a quesadilla will be an option at almost every typical Mexican restaurant. It is neat and small but still completely customisable. In addition, quesadillas typically don’t contain beans, which can make you feel bloated and cause embarrassing situations later in the date.


Switch it up! delicious_circle_baking

We all hear the question “want to grab a drink?” so often that we rarely adventure out into into alternative date spots. Going straight to dessert on a first date is hassle-free, fun, creative, and easy. You can stay for as little or as long as you want and the options are pretty much all safe — provided you’re not sensitive to dairy.

Want ice cream? Pop that in a cup with a spoon and you’re safe. Want cake? Me too! Want a milkshake? Now there’s a drink date I can get behind.

Plus, any sweet treats will just make that first kiss even better.


The ideal first-date meal is oysters. You won’t have an uncomfortable sense of fullness after consuming a handful because they are low in calories and assist to reduce inflammation. There are very few spills because they each come on their own tiny plate.

You won’t have to wait too long for the dinner because oysters are a quick-to-prepare casual food. This is a wonderful compromise if you don’t want to commit to a full supper because it is more of a snack that you can enjoy while having drinks.

They are aphrodisiac as well. merely stating.

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