theSHOPAS magazine…b4 u buy

theSHOPAS magazine aims to highlight trend setters and newsmakers in all industries that interact with shoppers. This magazine will keep shoppers one step ahead in terms of price, deals, location, quality and availability of whatever items they might want to buy. Most of all, theSHOPAS magazine will advise shoppers on the best deals, shopping tips and hints. After all, shopping is both a science and an art.

theSHOPAS is the first and only magazine of its kind in Zimbabwe.

It is for shoppers who want to know more, who want to shop in style, with ease and grace in their lives. theSHOPAS magazine is more than a business title; it’s a source of information, inspiration and motivation for all to become the most successful shoppers. Shopping is both a science and an art.

b4 u buy… consult… theSHOPAS magazine

For the latest tips and advice for shoppers on retail, fashion, motoring, best products, travel destinations, building materials, energy, financial services, furniture, food you name it, we will cover it. The magazine is put together by industry experts in these areas.

We estimate the total local shopping industry to be worth more than USD10billion and we will influence how shoppers will spend their money.

The rate at which our world is evolving is mind-boggling. In fact, it’s changing so fast it’s become difficult to keep up. Switch off your phone, and you’ll soon be out of touch. It’s also becoming increasingly competitive as more businesses have opened and are appealing to your customers who you’re already finding it difficult to attract.

The mindset of your modern-day shopper is one of urgency, convenience and social influence.

Social media has taken over our lives, affecting everything including the way we do business. It’s also shaped the way we buy products since social media allows us to compare what we own with others.

Considering your modern-day shopper is better informed than ever before, it has now become critical to figure out how to provide for them. After all, your end goal as a retailer is to keep them happy so that they can continue coming back to your store.

We will go into thousands of homes through social media platforms via phones, laptops and all gadgets that will connect us with the shoppers.

We publish monthly on all social media and digital platforms.